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Formação Internacional em Consultoria de Imagem

Se você busca uma carreira que possibilite equilibrar vida pessoal e profissional. Se você gosta de ajudar as pessoas e aprecia estática. E ainda, se você se sente confortável com ser seu próprio chefe e criar uma empresa que seja SUA, então a Consultoria de Imagem pode ser a carreira que vai lhe proporcionar satisfação pessoal e profissional.

A Brasilian Style Academy oferece treinamentos profissionalizantes para quem deseja iniciar ou se atualizar na carreira de Consultoria de Imagem. Você poderá escolher entre nossos cursos presenciais, online (ao vivo), customizados e mentoria de carreira. A Brasilian aproxima você de uma carreira internacional com sua abordagem cultural e presença em NYC. Com mais de 20 anos no mercado de educação, nossos cursos são consolidados com práticas e oferecidos com metodologias de ensino adequadas ao aprendiz adulto.

Somos afiliados com o IRCNY, empresa com sede em New York que com mais de 30 anos de atuação e credibilidade no mercado de treinamentos oferece formação profissional de acordo com os requisitos da AICI em inglês e em português. Por ser uma instituição de ensino os instrutores não são concorrentes de seus alunos. O seu sucesso profissional é o nosso sucesso. A Brasilian Style Academy é representante oficial do IRCNY para programas em NYC e no Brasil.

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Corporate Services

Your company’s Mission and Values must be represented in every employee’s image as well as in marketing materials. A congruent image communicates professionalism. Image Consulting Services will help you align business objectives to results. When you hire our Image Consulting Services your company and your staff look, behave and communicate the part and your clients feel well taken care of.

No matter how large your business is, if you work for it to grow, the Internet is used as a communication platform. Most likely you, as an individual and or as a company, have an online presence on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, a webpage and maybe even a blog. When you choose to have our Written Image Consulting Services you are choosing to communicate with the Brazilian audience in their own style and have a native-like conversation across your social media platforms.

We help your company do business in Brasil and succeed by communicating like we do. Make sure your communication is not only accurate, but also meaningful to the people who will read it. Know more about our Consulting for the Written Image Services.

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Personal Style

Have you ever had your image and personality misinterpreted?  Have you ever been taken for a distant person when you are indeed kind or considered too soft for a job you could sure perform?

Your image may be to blame!

What you wear, how you wear it and the way you walk and talk are more powerful than words you speak. Lear to integrate your personal image to your lifestyle so you conquer your objectives with ease. By means of Image Consulting techniques you will learn your natural image power and to enhance or lighten them through purposeful outfit and accessory choices.  Make sure you impress in the 7 seconds of a first and everlasting impression.

During the Image Consulting process you will learn your optimal colors, fabrics, pattern, fit and style. Getting dressed will become easy, fast and rewarding. Give yourself the gift of professional and personal upgrade while breaking visual relationship barriers.

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Lici Diniz

About Lici

CIP-logoLici Iankoski Tomkiw AICI CIP is an Image Consultant certified by the Association of Image Consultants International, the largest and most respected association for Image Consulting professionals in the world. Having graduated from both the Fashion Institute of Technology of New York and the Image Resource Center of New York, Lici offers Image Consulting services and training and training in NYC with a cultural approach to it. She has been a VP of Communications for the AICI NY/ Tri-State chapter and also volunteered as a chair member of the AICI Global Conference Committee.

With an extensive background in teaching and passionate for people and helping them have a better quality of life, the Image Consulting Services provide her with the opportunity to contribute to people’s self-esteem and success. Being a Brazilian, Lici has a natural eye for aesthetics and fashion and applies that to people of every culture and walks of life. AICI LOGO In workshops and professional training she is in her most comfortable shoes and conducts learners to pleasant, meaningful and hands on learning. As owner and director of the Brasilian Style Academy, Lici brings joyful and efficient classes, corporate workshops and personal Image Consulting to NYC.

“Brasilian Style Academy helps you jump start your personal and professional success with international ready-to-apply knowledge and content.”

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