Times Up Golden Globe!

This is a very unusual post I’m writing. For starters, I am writing in English and unexpectedly, for once, in favor of black.

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What we have all witnessed last night at the 75th Golden Globe Awards night was not about fashion, but a cause over style. I usually say that “black is black” and when people look at you they only see the color and all the other details are easily lost. That was not the case yesterday, when, I dare to say, it was one of the times when women had to work harder to show their personal style considering the choice of color may not have been their favorite. From then, to set them apart and make their personality, say and style show; choices of fabric, necklines, texture and of course, hair, make up and jewelry had to be carefully made.

Black is the color of sadness, color of mourning and that is kind of what it stood for last night. #TimesUp is way bigger than the Golden Globe, bigger than fashion and bigger than the money involved in the media. Did you know that most women donated the money they got to wear designer clothes at the awards night to the Times Up movement? Do you know why? Because it’s way bigger than money, too! It’s about not having to hide anymore, it’s about equality between men and women in the workplace. It’s about respect!

Although men did support the movement by wearing black tuxedos and a #TimesUp pin, they did not position themselves in their speeches. They applauded, but it did not feel like they were engaged. And yes… that was expected from them! Hopefully they were just ashamed and preferred to keep a low profile. Thanks Seth Meyers for stating it clearly in the beginning.

But let’s have a look at how beautifully some starts looked in their favorite black styles that supported such important movement.

Susan Sarandon showed how elegantly you can be in black. By wearing a suit she made things simple, but not less interesting. She turned a more masculine style into a very feminine look with a pony tail, stunning earrings and beautiful lipstick. Does she have the best skin tone for black? No, absolutely not. However, last night it was not about skin tone either!

gal gadot

Gal Gadot also made a choice for a typically masculine look in a long form-fitting slit dress with a beautiful short tuxedo coat and she rocked it! She does have what it takes to wear black and her natural elegance and charm were the best accessories she could pair with such statement earrings.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 07:  Mandy Moore attends The 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Mandy Moore added pockets and a beautiful cinched red waist to her black dress. She absolutely nailed it! She looked perfect and the sleekness of her hair reproduced the clean and straight lines of her dress making her look coherent besides stunning. Oh, did I stress the pockets? maybe I should say that again! Pockets! To me that makes it so perfect and in alignment with a sporty personality. Who knows.

sharon stoneWhen your most important accessory is your son and your 59-year-old self-confidence nothing can go wrong. Sharon Stone dazzled everyone in this beautiful form-fitting dress by a Brazilian (YES, you read it right – Brazilian) designer, Vitor Zerbinato. Kudos to her again and again. The triangle cutout patterns added the contrast necessary to make the black color look lighter on such fair skin and low contrast. This is how you wear black when you don’t have it “on you”.

penelope cruzI could not leave the most adorable Latina unmentioned when she perfectly added softness to her black dress and linked it to her hair so well. We usually look to add curves to the outfit when you find curves in the face. Penelope added curves by means of the texture in the beautiful texture of her lace dress. I simply loved her feminine way to support the cause.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 07:  In this handout photo provided by NBCUniversal, Oprah Winfrey accepts the 2018 Cecil B. DeMille Award   speaks onstage during the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 7, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

Oprah Winfrey accepts the 2018 Cecil B. DeMille Award speaks onstage during the 75th Annual Golden Globe Awards (Photo by Paul Drinkwater/NBCUniversal via Getty Images)

How can one speak of last night and not talk about Oprah? Impossible! Her look last night? Perfection, just like anything she does. However, that was not at all her most memorable thing. She made it so hard for us to say anything as she said it all. She is an inspiration above all. She is a fighter. She inspires as she breathes!

stranger things

And then.. well.. There is them – Stranger Things cast! Although I don’t think black is a nice color for kids, what can I say but… they looked really cute! However, let’s not get caught by fashion here, but hope! Hope that in the years to come all of the reasons for the #MeToo and #TimesUpNow movement are a thing of the past, left behind in history so the new generation may not have a single story to add to it.


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