International Women’s Day

all_wonder_womenSo today is my day. You day as well. Today is the International Women’s Day, so it’s basically the day we celebrate about half of the adult population in the world. I must confess it’s not an easy day for me. I’ve got pretty mixed feelings about it. So, should I sit back and relax? Should I march and show my strength? Should I act soft and kind and show my delicate side?

Is today a day to celebrate or be concerned about? I’ve actually never figured this out. If we are strong, why do we still think this is an important day? Men don’t have an international day to celebrate their masculinity. I don’t know if it’s because they don’t need it or don’t deserve one. Why do WE have a day? I’m not saying anything against the day. I’m just pondering! We have come to a moment in time when any position you take can be considered controversial.

I’ve said “Happy Women’s Day” and got back: Really?!? Do you think we should celebrate this day? Or when I tried and went pale and didn’t care about the day I got “How come, it’s our day, we deserve to enjoy it”. Even coming up with a marketing piece for the day is challenging. I don’t mean to offend anyone or to leave any woman untouched or hurt by any comment I make. But then, this is us! We are women! The most controversial, complex and fabulous beings on earth.

I am sorry hubby and son, but you will never be women! You will never know. Olivia will back me up on that one when she grows. I know I will never be a man either (or at least have a record of that, come back and compare), but being a woman is the best prerogative to not being trivial, common, ordinary. And you know why? We are extraordinary! We celebrate and complain about our own day!  We cry when we are happy and sometimes smile in anger!

Today is no ordinary day! Today is a day when, no matter if we agree with the reasons or not, we are remembered as special. So, why not just be and make it special for a few hours? Laugh! Smile! Do not complain! Just find joy in life and remember that for the right or wrong reasons, the whole world is thinking of you today.

So, today, do as you please. Work hard, sit back and relax! Have some wine, some water or some coke. Eat vegetables, fries or chocolate! Do whatever makes you feel you! Choose your song, sing and be happy!

Be a woman!

Picture All Wonderwomen Credit:

Catherine & Sarah Satrun / SatrunTwinsArtShop