Trolls and me

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I think I was about 10 years old…. No, maybe younger! I remember my godmother taking me shopping for shoes on my birthday. I don’t think she recalls this at all, but my memory is clear that I thought it was very boring to go shopping for shoes. They were not colorful! Shoes, back when soda was healthy, were simple black. Yeah, when they sparkled some color they were navy blue or white. And you know what?! It’s been long, but not that long!!

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We did buy some pair. I know I “liked” that pair compared to all we had seen. However, I remember I thought “when will they make colorful shoes?’.  Fast forward to now, my greatest fashion/style splurge is on happy shoes! Shoes with a soul! Colorful! Fun! Shoes that make me happy!

Just so you get it…

fun shoes

Life is so serious already, why should we wear dull shoes? Not to mention black and gray clothes. However…

I must confess that for so many times I felt outcasted for liking color. You know when you dress up in color, fun, sassiness and feLICIty to go to an event and when you get there there is a legion of sober, dark, distant and protected people? I prefer not to make an account for the times I thought “they” were right and I was wrong. One day, thank god (lower caps cause this is not the time to bring Him in), I realized I wasn’t wrong. I began to live my motto, my personal reason and proclaimed: feLICity (credits to a Brazilian friend who yelled the obvious!).

From then on, so much has happened, so much water passed under the bridge… So many surprises. Until the day I watched Trolls and the greatest reality of all struck me again (Ok, my favorite troll is this one just next to me making me a pizza); feLICIty is within me, you, us! And, that brings colors to life!


No melodrama. No fashion trends. No Status Quo. Black is sad! Grey is sad!

sad face

The best way to multiply happiness is with color! The best way to improve our mood is with (happy) music! The best way to be happy is looking into nice, fun, colorful musical things!

Have you seen Trolls? Remember the scene when the princess gets sad and… gray?! Why did they not make her ad and pink? Because pink is fun! She got sad and with her sadness, all shades of gray took over her body and all Trolls. There was no more joy, there was no more color.

My clients (and students) know that I am almost a prosecutor against black. It brings shadows and shades to our faces, shows lines and wrinkles (ooops texture!). Ah, ok… it is slimming. But that is not a feature of the black color only. Well, that’s a whole other conversation. Our chat today is about…


Don’t look for what you need in others. Frustration will be a sure thing. Be yourself a trigger for color, or as I like to say, feLICIty in your life! Add color to your thoughts, behavior, activities. No matter if those colors are real or metaphorical, be a Troll!

You can even play around here.

blow kiss color

feLICity forever!