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The Brows that raised EyeBrows

And Twitter does it again, threads of discussion over something most people would say is not even a topic! Justin Trudeau’s left brow at the G7 summit was falling off?! Some say the images and videos have been taken at a bad lighting making a dark shadow appear on his brow and look like it is falling off. Regardless, his lowered eyebrow raises our brows and also a question, why would he even consider fake eyebrows?


If we look at his eyebrows in any other image we will see that its shape is actually uneven, which is a very common brow trait. More often than not, people do not have a perfect pair of eyebrows neither in shape, nor thickness or direction. Is it a bad idea to repair and reshape brows so they look symmetric? Of course not! It is actually very wise.

Eyebrows frame the eyes and show strength and personality. When people have very light brows either due to color or little hair, focusing on that person’s eyes when interacting with them is hard. We keep looking for the frame to zoom in. That, also makes the person look less powerful. Strong and fuller brows add strength to the face and the individual is perceived as more reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy.

light brows

(Image from Pinterest)

In every day life, a pair of tweezers and small scissors can do the trick. Trim your brows and make them look more even by plucking the hairs that grow outside the brow line. Remember that man and women should have different care about the eyebrows, but do not forget to have them groomed at all times. There are many temporary solutions to irregular eyebrows that could be chosen, from make up to henna and for longer lasting results, micro blading. We know Justin is forward thinking and would not have said no to any of these should he have been advised to do any.

Therefore, had the Canadian Prime Minister chosen to have his brows done, there would be nothing wrong with that. He would just be adding more strength and personality to his face. What would be wrong, however, is to use some procedure that is not reliable and that would cause him to go through any embarrassment during an important international event. Maybe, what was missing was some professional image guidance and, of course, a wise public relations advisor to realize the lighting was going to do that much damage to his political and personal image.

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